Want to learn Pranic Healing?

Level 1 Pranic Healing

March 18th and 19th 2017, Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm.  Fee $350  This class is being held at Oasis Wellness, 1111 Austin Avenue, Coquitlam.

April 1st and 2nd 2017, 9am to 5pm.  $350.  Surrey/White Rock.  Instructors Pauline Sainsbury, Iris Escuer and Keeley Steimecke

June 3rd and 4th 2017, 9am to  5pm.  Fee $350.  West Vancouver

Level 2 Advanced Pranic Healing

April 29th and 30th 2017.  Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm.  Fee $450.  West Vancouver.

June 17th and 18th 2017.  Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm. Fee $450.  West Vancouver.

Level 3 Pranic Psychotherapy

March 4th and 5th 2017.   Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm.  Fee $400.  West Vancouver.

May 27th and 28th 2017.  West Vancouver

Microorganism Healing

May 7th 1pm to 4pm.  Fee $75

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Pranic Healing was created by a spiritual teacher who mastered the science and art of energy healing, Master Choa Kok Sui, he spent years researching energy healing modalities in order to create a simple, practical, effective energy healing system anyone can learn and use.

MCKS Pranic Healing®

Level 1 Course

Miracles are fantastic events, which utilize hidden Laws of Nature. Most people are unaware of these Laws. Miracles do not break the Laws of Nature; they are actually based on them.

- Master Choa Kok Sui

 In MCKS Pranic Healing®Level 1, you learn the basics of working with your energy aura, including learning to “scan,” or feel the energy, to “sweep,” or clean away congested energy, and to “energize,” or supplement areas in your aura that have a pranic deficiency. You begin by learning to activate the energy centers, or “chakras,” in the center of your hands. This enables you to become sensitive to prana and scan a person’s – or your own – energy field to identify blockages and then cleanse, energize and revitalize the area with new prana.

Pranic Healing®  has been taught to doctors, nurses, massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, shiatsu practitioners, and many others in the healing field. It has allowed them to heal confidently and consistently in the shortest learning time possible.These professionals find Pranic Healing®  very effective and easy to apply.

All Pranic Healing®  courses are “experiential,” which means that you learn by actually performing the techniques and exercises in class – on yourself and those around you. During class, all the principles will be explained thoroughly and you will practice the techniques (exhaustively so you will be confident in your ability to produce positive results when you finish the course.

MCKS Pranic Healing® Level 1 is a prerequisite to all other courses.

For Information On Pranic Healing Classes Please Email Pauline Sainsbury at