Prana is life energy that keeps the body alive and healthy.  For life to exist it must have life energy or Prana.  This life energy is also known as chi or ki, and is essential to physical life. 

Pranic Healing is based on two fundamental principals.  The first is that the body can heal itself.  Secondly, by increasing the life force or Prana, the healing process is greatly accelerated.

Prana is used to remove imbalances in the energy body or aura, which surrounds the physical body.  The aura is an energetic template of the physical body.  Within the aura are energy centres or chakras which control and energise physical organs.  By scanning (using my hands), I am able to find imbalances which may be physical or psychological.

When the imbalances have been removed the area is energised using fresh clean Prana to bring the energy body back in to harmony.

My healing practice specializes in the following areas:

Stress Relief

Treatments for Anxiety

Depression Treatments

Postpartum Depression

Pain Relief

Obsessive compulsive disorder